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Proverbs 4:14-19

The second necessity of seeking God’s wisdom and staying in his paths is to avoid wickedness (4:14-19). You need to do this at all costs (14-15)— the six commands here emphasize how important it is to avoid wickedness at all costs. There are no “redeemable” aspects of this wicked, sinful world. While walking the path of righteousness you should never look at the path of wickedness longingly. The reason why you must avoid wickedness at all costs is because wickedness thoroughly corrupts (16-17). These verses describe how addicted those given to wickedness are—they live to sin, can’t help themselves, can’t keep it to themselves (evangelists of evil), want to harm others, it is what they think about at night and live for during the day, they are thoroughly corrupted by sin. God clearly says there are only two paths, only two destinations (18-19). Righteousness—living wisely, by the fear of the Lord—enable you to see where you should go in life. Only God’s way is safe and gives peace of mind. Life is full of trips and traps, but those who live by their own wits never see why they fall for “they do not know,” they are spiritually blind.

  1. Think about what an unbeliever eats and drinks and lives for. Is that what a person who fears the Lord should look for?
  2. You can know your “destination” by the “road” you’re on; what road are you on? What’s the “scenery” look like?
  3. You can know your destination by the company you keep. Who do you like? Allow to influence you?
  4. What do you think about when you go to bed? What do you live for?
  5. If you are on the wrong path, get off it now, immediately!
  6. Do you ever see someone willingly drive with his eyes closed? That might give a thrill, but it is always fatal. How does this illustrate this passage?
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