Proverbs 4:10-13

This fourth “talk” of chapter 4 emphasizes that you must seek God’s wisdom and stay in his paths. What are the basics involved with that, and why should you? You must follow and continue in righteousness for only in that “path” are found safety and life (10-13). The specifics are given in chapters 10-31; chapters 1-9 give the basics you first need to hear and heed (young children are not told the details of adult life, but unless they first learn to obey, they won’t listen to the details later on). Following God’s righteousness requires hearing and welcoming God’s Word (10). Hearing without welcoming isn’t true faith. The path of wisdom is the right way to go (11). You don’t just “know” it—you must be taught (11a) and taken by the hand (11b). It’s not just head knowledge, you must do it. Following righteousness is God’s way, and his way is the best way (12). Only the Lord’s way gives true freedom and ease (“not hindered,” “not stumble,” 12). Truly seeking God’s wisdom and staying in his paths requires discipline and effort (13—note the three commands here!).

  1. Who is wiser, a two-year-old or a parent?
  2. Why isn’t hearing without welcoming true faith (v. 10)?
  3. Think of a way to illustrate the foolishness of knowing what is right but not doing it (vv. 11-12).
  4. Read, think about, and meditate on v. 13. What are you doing now about that? Think about both activity and attitude. What is the reason given in v. 13 why you should do this?
  5. Do you have this “basic” commitment to fearing the Lord, to growing in wisdom?
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