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Proverbs 4:1-9

Chapter four contains the fourth father to son “talk” about biblical wisdom. Practically speaking, fearing the Lord means seeking God’s wisdom and staying in his paths. There are three aspects to this:

  1. Receive and retain God’s Word to enjoy God’s blessings, 1–9
  2. Follow righteousness and avoid wickedness, 10–19
  3. Be entirely and exclusively devoted to God’s Word, 20–27

Seeking God’s wisdom and staying in his paths means you must receive and retain God’s Word to enjoy his blessings. God’s wisdom in Scripture is characterized as being good, upright, sound (2b). Because of that, you must “hear,” “give attention,” and “not forsake” His Word. Each generation tends to dismiss not only their parents, but especially their grandparents as irrelevant. That is not the case with God’s wisdom! In verses 3–9 a “grandpa” speaks, showing that it doesn’t matter what point in human history one lives in, God’s wisdom is essential. The mind, heart, and will must be involved—they cannot be separated. Sadly, our proud minds, hard hearts, and stubborn wills tend to dismiss God’s Word. God’s wisdom is essential for life (4). When you prioritize God’s wisdom, he protects, helps, and graces you in life (5–9).

  1. Think about the legacy you’re leaving for generations that follow you. What will your children and grandchildren remember (v. 3)?
  2. What is the most important thing to you? How are your priorities seen in your time and attention? What you think about and plan for?
  3. Who do and don’t you “embrace”? Why? Now, would you describe your attitude and action if “wisdom” walked in the room as an “embrace” (v. 8)? Proverbs gives God’s wisdom! Embrace it!
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