Proverbs 2:6-9

The second “talk” says Wholeheartedly Seek God’s Wisdom to Gain His Protection from Evil. Here reasons are given for doing this:

First, God alone is the source of wisdom and it is only received through His Word (“mouth,” v. 6). Through God-given wisdom you can truly know and understand life and its various issues (v. 6b). Second, God gives wisdom to those who are like Him and live like Him; whose character and conduct align with His; who love what He loves and hate what He hates (v. 7). To be “upright” is to be like and live according to God’s holy character. Third, God guards, protect, and preserves those who seek Him and in their hearts and lives show indisputable evidence of fearing Him (vv. 7b-8). The final reason and ultimate result of seeking God’s wisdom (vv.1-6) is a correctly calibrated conscience (v. 9). Good intentions are not enough; you must believe and follow the God-given instructions.

  1. God provides the right assessment and direction for every situation in life, and you can know that!
  2. How can you be godly and righteous? Your sins must first be washed away by faith in Christ! Then you must continually grow more like Christ and less like the world through the Spirit’s help and personal discipline.
  3. Why is being godly and righteous essential to gaining God’s wisdom—to correctly and skillfully applying God’s Word to everyday life?
  4. What is the fear of the Lord? How will that “calibrate” your conscience? What does that say about the nature of our consciences?
  5. You must be in the right path to know the right path. What path are you on right now? What direction are you going?
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