Proverbs 1:8-9

Proverbs’ motto (1:7) is developed from this point on to the end of the book. Chapters 1-9 are a series of “talks” that a father gave to his son about biblical wisdom (each begins with “my son”). He begins by urging him to not only hear what he has to say but heed and do it (v. 8). Hearing and heeding godly, biblical wisdom gives true beauty and blessing to life (v. 9). The emphasis here is on the response to biblical wisdom (v. 8) and the result of such a response (v. 9). You won’t enjoy the result without the response.

  1. How did Jesus describe the difference between just hearing God’s truth and hearing and obeying (Matt 7:24-27)?
  2. In contrast to v. 9, what does the world look to for life’s “beauty and blessing”?
  3. What is beautiful and attractive to the Lord is viewed as ugly and out of style by the world.
  4. How can this help you to pray for parents? For children and young people?
  5. Everyone is teaching and everyone is learning. What are you teaching and learning?
  6. What kind of “curriculum” do we have?
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