Proverbs 1:1-6

This book was written when the Mosaic Law was in force during the OT theocracy, the historical kingdom of God (v. 1). A proverb is a compact statement giving biblical wisdom, and is based on and from the perspective of the Mosaic Law. Proverbs gives believers guidance and direction on how to live life skillfully before God (vv. 2-4). Proverbs—and the wisdom the give—are always needed and essential. Every believer must grow in his faith and ability to handle the Word (v. 5). The greater skill you have with God’s Word, the better you will be able to profit from challenging passages (v. 6).

  1. Do you welcome God’s Word? V. 1
  2. Be sure to work hard at accurately handling God’s Word, v.n1 (2 Tim 2:15)
  3. Diligently learn and apply, be shaped and directed by God’s word, VV. 2-4
  4. Always be learning! VV. 5-6
  5. Always have a desire to learn! VV. 4-6. Ignorance is never a good thing.
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