Ruth 2

Ruth gleans in Boaz’s field; he shows particular care and concern for her.

  • Verse 3 says that Ruth “happened” to come to Boaz’s field. What do you think about that?
  • What had Boaz heard about Ruth? What does that say about the importance of your testimony?
  • Note verse 12—Ruth was no pagan immigrant: she was a believer in the Lord. Note the expressions Boaz uses here—what is he getting across?

Some points to ponder–

  • Verses 2-3: Ruth did not sit lazily and expect others to provide; she had a good attitude that was noticed by others. She worked and was not ashamed of humble work.
  • Note Boaz’s kindness toward this poor alien, in keeping with the Mosaic Law; he did not close his heart toward her (Lev 19:33-34; Deut 10:19). He had a generous spirit, encouraging her, not stopping her, in her work
  • Verse 4, Boaz greeted his workers with the Lord’s blessing, using His name in an honorable way
  • Verse 14, Ruth did not stuff herself but ate according to her needs
  • Verses 19, 21–Note that Ruth told Naomi of Boaz’s kindness toward her but not his praise of her. “Humility teaches us, not only not to praise ourselves, but not to be forward to publish others’ praises of us,” (Henry).
  • Verse 22–There is provision and protection in the Lord’s ways; let us not go to the world for such
  • Compare Ruth’s actions (v. 23) with Dinah’s (Gen 34:1)
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